Overview Of The Wilmington Delaware Airport

Will you be traveling into the Wilmington Delaware airport soon? You might be flying in to visit family or friends. If this is a business trip, you know how easy it is to maneuver around the airport. It is well-designed, able to accommodate quite a few flights on a daily basis. If you haven’t been to Delaware before, or flown into Wilmington, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see. Here is an overview of what you will experience when you arrive at the Wilmington Delaware airport this year.

History Of The Airport

The airport got its start prior to World War II. It has since become a public facility. It operated DC-9’s back in the 1960s, and today it handles a multitude of different aircraft. You will probably fly in on one of the many popular airlines such as United, Delta, or even Canada air. There are plenty of flights that come in from Canada on a regular basis for people that are traveling into America. It’s also good to know that the facilities that you will experience are state-of-the-art, upgraded relatively recently. It will make your departure and arrival memorable in a positive way.

Overview Of The Facilities

The facilities are easy to navigate. Even though it only does less than 200 flights a day, it’s relatively busy for the area. It will have single-engine, multi engine, and even helicopters fly in on a regular basis. Navigating the facility is easy. It is designed to be easy to board and depart, as well as to land and find your way to the luggage area. If you have not flown very much before, this will be a good first-time experience.

How Large Is The Airport?

The airport is quite large, covering about 1200 acres. It has a total of three runways made of asphalt. They are about 7000 feet long, and this allows both large and small aircraft to easily take off and land at this airport.

Traveling into Wilmington should be a pleasant experience. The airport makes it possible for everyone to find their way to their flight, and the rental cars once they arrive. They offer many different types of vehicles including Avis, Budget, and many others that may run specials if you are looking a package deal before you arrive. You can find out more about the Wilmington Delaware airport by searching online.